Clearing “Mistry” Once for all: Data Engineer v/s Data Scientist?

The other day I finished a meeting with one of my clients whom I am helping to optimize recommendation engine for his online dating app. It’s a small office with around 20 employees and I was discussing my strategy with the technical team. Right from the beginning of my meeting, I noticed one of the new joiners staring & eavesdropping into our conversation. I finished my meeting and went towards coffee wending machine to have Read more…

15 Reasons To Go For A Data Science Course

Why do you call an apple, an apple, and not a monkey? Here is why- because your intelligence processes the data gathered by your eyes in a continuous cycle of learning and reasoning. This is science, and humans have been using their intellect since the beginning of time. However, the human brain has cognitive limitations when it comes to certain elements, and this is where powerful computers come into the picture. With such advancements in Read more…

15 Data Science Projects To Add To Your Resume For The Year 2020

The amount of data in the world has grown to a great extent in recent years. This raw data comes from sources such as sensors that are used in various shopping malls to gather information about customers, posts on a variety of social media platforms, pictures, and videos stored on our smartphones and transactions made on e-commerce websites. When processed, it gives a visual presentation of data that is useful to companies and researchers. Data Read more…

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